The American Bridge Asociation

This year's Blue Ridge Spectacular sectional tournament represents a first, wherein the event is co-sanctioned with the ABA. ABA members will be able to earn ABA points at this event. With a wealth of members in NC and Georgia, we are actively publicizing our event in these areas too and wish to attract many ABA members to our area.

The American Bridge Association (ABA) was founded in 1932 by a group of touring black professional tennis players who began to play duplicate bridge as a way to unwind after their tennis matches. The first national ABA tournament was held in 1933 in Virginia.

As many southern states had laws banning card playing between the races, the ABA rapidly grew. The ABA national headquarters is in Atlanta, where many historical artifacts and memorabilia are held.

In 1967, the ACBL removed the final obstacle to membership for African Americans and in 2017, removed any table fee surcharge for ABA members who were not also ACBL members.

We have a commitment from the current president, Mr Henry Irwin, Jr. to attend. We hope that this will be a signal event for both organizations that will encourage other tournaments to explore similar co-sanctioning. In addition, we expect to visit ABA events in our areas.

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